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Girls Lacrosse Helmets

As of the 2017 season US Lacrosse has stated that while Girls helmets are not mandatory they are at this time optional, and this is still the case for the 2021 season.

The Saco Bay Trojan Lacrosse Board of Directors voted on January 12th 2017 to encourage the use of Girls lacrosse helmets.

While they are not mandated (as far as we know at this time) by any of the teams we typically play it is possible that other teams will arrive to play wearing these helmets and that will be allowed by rule. This is truly no different than the onset of the use of helmets in (as example) bicycle riding or skiing.

Again, these helmets will not be mandatory this year, and while encouraged will not be required by any member of the Girls Saco Bay Trojans Lacrosse teams. 

Added below are links to a cutting edge leader in helmet design and manufacturing, a national vendor, two local vendors and US Lacrosse. These links are being provided only as educational material.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have by attending our next Board Meeting or reaching out by email at