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Frequently Asked Questions



How do I register my son or daughter?

We have gone to an online registration process that you now access through our website when the REGISTRATION period is open for enrollment.

My child and I already have user profile(s) for another team that also uses a "SportsEngine" web site, do I need to create another profile(s)?

No, simply log in to your existing "SportsEngine" web site and add Saco Bay Lacrosse as another team for your profile.

When does the season start and end?

Our season is very weather dependent based on getting rid of all the snow from our fields and time for the fields to dry out as well.  Once the fields are released to us, we can begin our season.  Typically, this happens near the first week of April.  Our season is a quick one and ends at about the same time as school lets out for the summer.

My Kindergartner was in the "Li'l Laxers" program last year, can he / she play regular games this year?

Yes, we offer the option of allowing your 1st grader to play full GAMES, instead of only Li'l Laxers. As this is an option there are a few things to keep in mind.

First and most important is that you child is to feel comfortable, confident and ready, with the interest to play games; or likewise remain in the Li'l Laxer's as having fun, enjoying the game and not feeling overwhelmed is very important!

There are also differences in registration costs and time commitments.  K/1 - Li'l Laxers practices Sunday mornings on the TA Turf (***Location will be different for 2021 due to COVID) and the 1/2 - Game Play adds to that one practice during the week, typically six games during the season and requires full equipment.

Now, that all being said - If your child is a first year player in 1st grade, it is not a requirement to play the Li'l Laxers level. If you are comfortable 1/2 Game play feel free to sign up!

Described below are the explanations of both costs and equipment requirements.

How much does it cost to play?

The cost to play lacrosse varies significantly from year to year, depending on your child's equipment needs (which are not provided by our organization).  Boys lacrosse is more expensive because they require a lot more equipment based on the nature of it being a contact sport.

It is mandatory that all players are registered with US Lacrosse for insurance and liability purposes. The cost per youth for a US Lacrosse membership is $35.00 for the 2022 season.

K thru 1st Graders have the option of our SKILLS AND DRILLS program and that registration cost is $45.00, and a uniform will be provided. Only equipment required is a Lacrosse (regular size) Stick

The regular registration cost for Saco Bay Trojan Lacrosse is $140.00 for GAME players in grades 1 thru 8, if a uniform is required. We are not able to assign a uniform 'handed down' due to the fact that player number conflicts occur. As such we underwrite the cost of uniforms significantly.

The regular registration cost for Saco Bay Trojan Lacrosse is $100.00 for GAME players in grades 1 thru 8, if a uniform is not required - Returning player.

The players will be able to keep their uniforms at the end of the season.

For information on Financial Aid / Scholarship Play follow the link.

For the 2022 Season any registration for Play (with the exception of Li' Laxers) will double in cost if received after March 15, 2021.

Why do I have to register my child with US Lacrosse?

US Lacrosse registration is mandatory for our program and many others across the nation as it provides many benefits to the player, coach, and organization as a whole.  It has always been a part of the registration expense ($35.00).  For more information, feel free go to the US Lacrosse web site.

Where does my registration fee go?

As you can imagine, it's quite expensive to run a youth athletics organization.  There a multitude of associated expenses.  The following are examples of the many costs associated with our program:  Scholarships, game and scrimmage referees/officials, annual field maintenance / use dues, tournaments at all levels for boys and girls, coaching equipment, goalie equipment, practice and game balls, lacrosse nets and goals (and maintenance), annual website & domain name expenses, promotional materials for the program, banking fees, field Paint, practice pinnies, field cones, porta-potties at different field locations, etc.  There are others for sure!

Is there a discount if I'm registering more than one child?

No. However we do offer Financial Assistance / Scholarship Play.

How can I get involved?

We need more parents involved!  We're always in search of more coaches, team assistants, schedulers and volunteers.  Please contact any Board Member or Coach to find out more.

Are Board Meetings Open or Restricted to just Board members?

All Saco Bay Trojan Lacrosse meetings are not just Board Meetings, but open to all coaches and parents as well.  Your input and attendance is valued and welcomed. 

What level will my son/daughter play at?

We have brackets based upon grade year in school.

What days do we practice?

Our practice schedule changes yearly dependent upon coaching availability and field access.

What equipment does my son need to play lacrosse?

Mandatory Boys Lacrosse Equipment:  Lacrosse Stick, Mouthpiece, Lacrosse Helmet, Shoulder Pads, Elbow Pads, Gloves, Protective Cup, and Cleats.  ***Does not apply for Skills and Drills

What equipment does my daughter need to play lacrosse?

Mandatory Girls Lacrosse Equipment:  Lacrosse Stick, Mouthpiece, Lacrosse Goggles, and Cleats. *Does not apply for Li'l Laxers

Optional (encouraged but not mandatory) for 2022 is a girl's/woman's helmet. We have more information available on our website.

What about goalies and goalie equipment?

Typically, goalie specialization does not begin until middle school.  All of our youth teams that use goalies are provided with the necessary goalie equipment and players voluntarily rotate from game to game to experience what it's like to play the goalie position.